Hose Solutions

Quality Construction

A hydraulic hose assembly custom made for your business from Hose Solutions will use hoses and construction methods specified for the type of work the assemblies will be subjected to. We use only the best materials and pressure test each assembly. Fittings are crimped onto the ends of the hoses without compromising the structure of the hoses and creating a weak spot. With professionally assembled units made of high-quality parts, you can be assured of maximum service from your hydraulic hose assemblies.

Custom Construction

Not many companies will provide custom assemblies. At Hose Solutions, we will assemble any quantity you order, regardless of the style. We also have a quick turn-around time so that your job site remains active with minimum downtime.

We Do The Guesswork

With our custom-made hydraulic hose systems, you no longer have to do the guesswork in matching hoses, fittings, and job site requirements. You provide us with your requirements regarding the variables, and we select the hydraulic hoses and fittings that will do the job for you. We need to know some particulars such as:

  • Temperature ranges, both mechanical and environmental
  • Type of fluid or gas being used
  • Machine or tool specifications
  • Pressure variances

There will be other information we’ll need, based on each individual customer – it is a custom assembly, after all.

Get Started

Hose Solutions is your go-to place for custom manufactured hydraulic hose assemblies.